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Effective Communication Case Study

on that point are many factors that relate Ahmeds ability to spend with other(a)s, the factors are that he is parti all(prenominal)y sighted, he has a larn disability, Ahmed in like manner struggles with side of meat and lastly he is precise withdrawn from others. To over manage these barriers many strategies depart need to be designate in buttocks to en commensurate him to communicate effectively. One factor is that he is partially sighted which elbow room it go forth be challenging for him to fore translate when public lecture to his teacher or other students in his class.Sentence and Verbal discourseThis is a barrier to his parley because it stops him from communicating as he is limited to what he rear see for example, if a child is stressful to call Ahmed from a far distance using hand gestures, Ahmed whitethorn call back it difficult to see that child, which washstand prevent him from reservation friends. This means his communication skills leave alone no t be effective. If whatsoeverone is using non-verbal communication, he will not be able to see which means he could interpret things in a incompatible style because non-verbal communication can be used to express your feelings.This will assume the way Ahmed will communicate because if he is limited to what he can see it will stop him from getting involved and also if he is not able to see non verbal communication clearly he whitethorn misapprehend the conversation. When getting involved in root practical roleplay it whitethorn be difficult to participate as will not be able to see. A strategy that could be grade in place is having a overstated board to regularize over his worksheets which will uphold him with seeing the wrangling.This can be put in place so Ahmed is able to get involved with the schoolwork and could potentially serve his dustup development as he is able to drive certain words but whitethorn need a teacher with him to guide him. This magnified board ca n elevate him to participate in more activities and he may feel comfortable knowing he can see what the other students are seeing. Another strategy that could be put in place to traverse this barrier is having bigger font sizes on work sheets, books or computers. This will soak up it easier for Ahmed to see and it could gull him feel sane like e preciseone else.It may encourage him to sit in a group with other children and get involved. Another factor that affects his ability to communicate is that he has a learning disability. This is a potential barrier that comes in the way of Ahmeds communication as he may feel different than the other children in his class. Because Ahmed has a learning disability it changes the way he thinks and interprets things. Children with learning disabilities see, hear and conceive things differently. This can lead to difficulty with learning new information and skills and putting them to use. (http//www. sabp. nhs. uk/iamme/understanding-learning -disability Accessed 14/10/15) This can make Ahmed feel left out from the other children and discourage him to communicate. This can potentially mean his phraseology is not as developed as some of the other children so he may be a stain behind, this affects the way he communicates because it will be difficult to have conversations with others if he is does not have the same abilities as them because they may not understand what Ahmed is trying to say and their language may be to developed for Ahmed as he is still learning easily.A strategy that could be put in place is having a teaching assistant with him because this may make him feel comfortable and potentially more confident. The assistant can servicing him with words and could make picture cards for words that he may struggle with, for example having a picture of a book so he describes that its a book and he can drumhead to it so the assistant understands what he is trying to say or what he wants. The assistant could have one-to-one sessions with him to help him with communication and his schoolwork.Having a one-to-one session with an assistant can make a push-down store of unlikeness in Ahmeds ability to communicate because if he builds a kind with this assistant he could possibly open up and express his feelings in a way that he can even if it is not with verbal communication. Ahmed struggles with English, which is also a factor that affects the way he communicates. It can isolate him from other children in the school because English is not his commencement ceremony language so it will make it difficult for him to fit in with children who speak fluent English.It will block the quality of communication and affect the needs of Ahmed being met adequately. For example, if a supply teacher was covering and didnt know his needs, they will not be met because he may not be able to explain what his needs are because his English is limited. As he struggles with English, it will also be difficult for him to move with other students because he will not know how to speak to them and if the children to try communicating in English, Ahmed may not understand so there will be miscommunication and a language barrier between them.You can read also Costco Case StudyA strategy that could potentially be put in place for Ahmed to improve his English is having a transcriber come in to help him develop his English language. The translator could come in maybe twice a week. This would help Ahmed quite a fair bit because he can speak to the translator in the language he knows fluently and the translator can then communicate with him and help him with his English by saying words in English and then telling him what they mean in his first language.This is a untroubledly way for Ahmed to learn English because he will gradually recognise more words and could possibly start speaking sentences, which will help with his confidence, and he may start communicating with other volume. Because Ahmed strug gles with communication he has now become very withdrawn from people and sometimes is antisocial which is another(prenominal) factor that affects the way he communicates. This is because he keeps himself away from others as he may think he cannot get involved and interact because of his needs. Ahmed may think he is different to the rest of the children so may feel like he is not included with them.This affects his communication because he will have no one to talk to and it stops him from making friends and having a social life. A strategy that could be put in place for this is doing more group work in class because this will mean he has to talk to different people. Doing group activities may encourage him to have a conversation and get involved. This will be good for Ahmeds confidence because he will be working with other people who could help him and it means that he wouldnt be talking one-to-one because that may be intimidating for Ahmed as he plausibly wouldnt know how to start the conversation.Group activities include everyone so they hold outt feel left out this will help Ahmed to interact more and he may stop being withdrawn from others as he might make friends who will make him feel rule and included. Whilst on work experience I had to have conversations with uncomplainings and some of the patients were difficult to communicate with, this is because there were factors that affect their communication. One factor was a patient who had dementia. This affected the way they communicated with others in the business concern property.The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. https//www. alzheimers. org. uk/ spot/scripts/documents. php? categoryID=200360 (accessed 13/12/15) dementia causes patients to forget all previous memories and they find it difficult remembering things and they have language difficulties. Every time a carer spoke to the patient either as king them a question or telling them to do something, it took them a while to remember and take in the information, it required the carer to repeat what they were saying several times.This affected their communication because it meant they couldnt have a detailed conversation so there was wish of information being received. Patient with dementia sometimes respond slowly because it takes them a while to process everything. To overcome this barrier, the carers in the care home used pictures. This is because the pictures were repeated many times a day which meant the patients constitute it easier to remember. Pictures helped with the patients memory and it was easier for them to point at the picture so the carer knew what they were trying to say.Lastly, another factor that affected patients communication in the care home was a patient who was partially deaf. This was a barrier that affected the communication between the carer and the patient. When the carer was trying to have a conve rsation with the patient, it was very difficult for the patient to hear because there was also a lot of background noise which do it worse. Sometimes what the patient heard was different to what the carer was saying so the conversation was not effective because the point was not getting across.To overcome this barrier, the carers were using sign language because sign language was more effective as the patient understood it better and it also didnt require listening. Sign language was known by the mass of the staff members so they could communicate with different patients who had hearing difficulties. Another stragey that was put in place for some of the patients were hearing aids. These were only used for people who were struggling a lot to hear.Hearing aids help with hearing and it means words become louder in the patients ear and they could hear everything. This made the patients feel confident within themselves. The patients found it easier to follow conversations so communica tion between the patient and carer was more effective. Overall, it is important that these factors can be overcome in order for service users to have effective communication with others. There are many strategies that could be put in place and these should all be considered when getting service users to communicate.

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