Monday, February 18, 2019

Social War :: Personal Narrative Essays

Social War   Thats her, thats the natural girl. Thats Holly Bennett. She is going to be in our sort and not theirs, Mandi told us, as Holly shyly made her way everyplace to the teachers desk.   Our standard gang was sitting in the middle of 8th grade English. We were only seated in a circle in the back box seat of the old, smelly classroom. Our enemies, as we c all in alled them, were seated in the opposite corner. Mandi, Summer, Kristi, Lindsey, Anna and I were all pretty close friends then. It seemed like you had to be in one of twain groups, ours or theirs, to even be talked to by everybody else. Our enemies, were more or slight what you might call the preppies. They were the few who could nourish the boys to do whatever they wanted, had split up of high school friends, and could look at the teacher the right way, to get an A on their reports. We got along fine with them, except when a modernistic girl came into our class. The new girls always seeme d to start a cold contend between us. Last time, we tried everything to get the new girl, Kristi, to hang prohibited with us instead of the preps. We ended up winning Kristi over, which made the new meat worth even more.   As Mrs. Gallegos, our elderly, over weight teacher, was introducing Holly, numerous thoughts went racing through our heads. I think we were all pretty more thinking along the same lines, Shes ours. As Holly took a seat over near the door, we began conversing among ourselves. Holly was skinny, tall, had brownish hair and seemed to be very shy. This made some(prenominal) things easy for us. Most of the people in our group were skinny and tall, so that meant we could share clothes amongst ourselves and now Holly could too. As we were planning on how to nonplus Holly ours, I glanced across the room, and saw that our enemies were doing the exact same thing, planning. I told the different girls to look over at them, and then decided that we should first distinguish them not to even bother with trying to win Holly over. We, after all, had won the last girl, which made the ratio from our group to theirs, 6 to 4.

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