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Running Head : THE ENTERTAINERScott Joplin s The Entertainer[author s summon][school][professor][subject]Scott Joplin s The EntertainerScott Joplin is an African-American composer born in Texas on the year 1868 . His father was a laborer and a originator slave , so their life during his young years was non that well-heeled . Stories have it that Scott gained access to the piano , his main doer , from a white- throwed house where his mother worked . He was merely self-taught during his stolon tries at the instrument . His talent was then discovered by a German medical specialty teacher by the name of Julius Weiss , who further enhanced his skill and introduced to him to European art forms , such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the opera on which he wrote some of his suffer during his last mentioned years as a composer (Berlin 1 998A man of many an(prenominal) talents , Joplin was coronate as the King of Rags Rag is the genre of harmony that became ordinary during the 1900 s , especially in black communities . This kind of music seems to be related to other bearings famous during that sequence - such as the jazz and the blues . All of these were given greatness by many African-Americans as a kind of rear against western sandwich and American views . The slave trade and slavery issues brought near a lot of changes and introduced American culture to these African-Americans . One of this is the uninterrupted with bare downbeat , and strong backbeat marching songs of the Americans . This music is connotatively connected with the multitude , and invokes a notion of command and liberty . The blacks then do their own music , opposing that of what the oppressors have (Marsalis , 2008 . This music , and those derived from it , contains the elements of singe and terpsichore . Jazz for example , in tentionally misses the downbeat and accents ! the upbeats to create a feeling of moving forward which in turn creates a terpsichore sensation . Rag , on the kindred preeminence , alike contains these components which are used to express the black s sentiments and opposer to the powers of authority . Scott Joplin then became a popular figure in this work . Through his rag songs , he made an strike in the history of reviving the African-Americans prideOne of his songs that made this impact is The Entertainer , create verbally for piano at around 1902 . As a solitary(prenominal) , the piece is of a happy tune played at a moderate tempo , with a lot of inst figures . It generally follows a form of A-B-A-C-D where the different letters post for the different figures present in the piece (Blesh , 1981 . The melody rock candy uses a lot of broken sixteenth notes , creating a reek modality that is flowing but jumpy at the same time . It is usually played in higher octaves during the repeats , which results to a con tinual form of music without being so force or boring . The piece s time signature is in 2 /4 , and strongly stressed by the low-pitched meter pattern which does a kind of walking , a style common in rags and in...If you want to get a proficient essay, order it on our website:

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