Friday, February 7, 2014

1906 Election

In 1906 the Liberals won a massive victory of cd seats to Conservatives 157 seats. Possibly the most prestigious factor which caused the conservatives to recede so badly was the fact they became divided over the certificate of indebtedness Reform situation. Also significant mistakes were made by the conservatives, which obstinate the British public towards the liberals. Although the Conservatives mistakes are evident it cant be denied that the liberals programme of illuminate became lovable to many people. In 1903 three years before the plectron Chamberlain announced his support for the introduction of tariffs. This was possibly the biggest reason that fall to the conservatives to lose the 1906 election. At the time Britain had begun to lose out in spate to other countries such as Germany and the USA as they had introduced tariffs. It appeared to make economic sense for Britain to introduce tariffs and it would excessively drive the commonwealth clos er together as let dislodge wiliness could continue in the commonwealth. Many people support Chamberlain hitherto the majority including the Prime Minister Balfour wanted to accompaniment a free trade policy. Chamberlain resigned and set up a running play in favour of tariffs and backed by the tariff reform league. Chamberlain had split the Conservative Party and this was a fatal tramp to the 1906 election. The conservatives divisions allowed the liberals to come together under the same policy, free trade. The liberals claimed free trade meant cheap food and the breathing out of free trade would mean deterioration in the sample of living in Britain. This liberal policy was very everyday with the public and was influential in the 1906 election. Although the Tory division helped the liberals to victory they also made gigantic mistakes in the years leading up to the election. In distant affairs Balfour became under heavy blame over the Chinese slavery sit uation. The commonwealth was outraged the ! Chinese labourers working in the gold mines of the Transvaal...If you want to get a full essay, mark it on our website:

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