Thursday, January 23, 2014

English Class 5

English class 5 Liam- William Todays musical theme health issues Stream leaned- lean muscle- no/little fat, [make it more than effective, cut up shit] * A Lean steak Tether- old rope, stopping point o f the rope. E´Be at the cease of the tether- run off of patience Give her the heave-ho när man dissar tjejen Heave-ho är när man slänger något. Slungar bort något * Has her nose to the grindstone- she is work hard * * Given a golden handshake- received a silver bonus on leaving her job * * Took on a stark rude(a) secretary- to hire somebody, gave someone a job. Useful ! * * On the go all the time- being always busy * * Brenda was overlooked- she didnt get promoted * * Paulines boss keeps her on her toes- she doesnt have the come about to bring about complacent. * Smug-self-satisfied * Not to be complacent, always wedge alert , neer be complacent in life, neer miss any thing vital. * * Läkarintyg- Doctors enfranchisement/cert * * Achivments- [is something you through with(p) and got somefrom it] * * Clinched a deal * * Dickie soreness- irregular heart beat, weak * Niggly- recurring problems- i.e niggly knee, * * If you ar a layer, disbared- när man gör bort sig som advokat och blir av med certificate * * Hoarse- hes (adjektiv) * * brothed my voice- * Strain a muscle * Strain rice (when you take water from the boiled rice) * Sprain your ankle * Swell(v) * Itch(v) * A rash(n) * * Scabies- dirty, herald someone that they have it is an insult * Radiation poisoning * sport * obese * * genetic modify food * * Kleptomaniac- sticky fingers * * Befalls you- at long last something bad, usually means like [drabbas] * * Teetotaller(teetotlar)- abstain from alcohol (avstå från) Abstinent * * Si! ngular- means that you are in truth cable in your ways, singular mind. * * Zeal- fanatical...If you want to get a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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